Bellevue Massage School is a small, privately-owned vocational school founded in 1977. We are dedicated to integrity, professionalism and a commitment to mastery. Our ultimate goal is to educate our students to become successful, competent therapists who are ready to thrive in real-world careers.

Bellevue Massage School (BMS) was founded in 1977 by massage therapist Ronaye Camren as one of the first schools of massage therapy in Western Washington and the first massage school on the eastside of Lake Washington. In 1996, Jim and Kathy Schmidt purchased the school. They had both been active teaching classes in the natural health field since 1979. It was their aim to retain the small class size and atmosphere of the school, but also to expand and modernize the curriculum. In 2013, Jim Schmidt created the first bilingual program in Washington State.

On May 1st, 2014, Jim Schmidt sold Bellevue Massage School to Zhiqin Schultheis, the owner of Bellevue-based luxury Yuan Spa. Her many years of experience in the spa industry revealed the need to nurture up-and-coming massage therapists and to foster superior continuing education and a cutting-edge curriculum that she firmly believes is vital to the future of massage therapy and the spa industry.