Mission Statement

At Bellevue Massage School, we love what we do!  Rather than taking a single, defined approach to massage therapy, we strive to nurture and empower each individual:

Our mission is to help students discover their unique massage expression and become exceptional, confident and intuitive massage practitioners who facilitate the well being of others.

Our Philosophy

Bellevue Massage School is a small, privately owned massage and bodywork institute dedicated to integrity, professionalism and commitment to mastery. Our value of constant and never ending improvement shines through in all we do.

Our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs define our mission, philosophy and approach to teaching.  These beliefs are:

  • Massage can be used to help in the rehabilitation of specific illnesses.
  • The practice of massage can be extremely valuable in the prevention of illness and maintenance of good health.
  • The body/mind/spirit model becomes real as one discovers the chemical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of massage work.
  • Massage therapy does not simply concentrate on signs and symptoms of disease but rather is a complete modality, focused on the whole person, that gently corrects minor imbalances before they develop into major problems or disease.
  • Participation in a student massage clinic, which gives real life, on-the-job training in a supervised setting, is a vital part of any massage education program.