New Leaf Massage


New Leaf Massage in Lacey/Tacoma


Employer Description
- New Leaf Massage works in combination with New Leaf Hyperbarics in four locations which include Lacey, Tacoma, and Spokane Valley in Washington as well as Eugene in Oregon.

Immediate Needs
- We are seeking one part time LMP for our Lacey clinic and one part time LMP for our Tacoma clinic to start immediately.
- Applicants must be willing to work Saturdays with some availability on weekdays. We are closed Sunday and do not require therapists to be on-call for same day appointments.
- Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Trigger Point or similar modalities required. Additional modalities always appreciated.

Compensation and Benefits
- LMPs receive $25 per 60 minute massage session plus tips.
- A massage session includes arriving 15 minutes before your massage start time, reviewing your client’s information and previous S.O.A.P.
notes, interviewing your client to discuss the best massage treatment to fit their needs, performing an excellent massage, providing each client with water and any applicable offers or recommendations after the massage, S.O.A.P. charting each massage session digitally, and resetting the massage room for the next client.
- Our hyperbaric tech staff handle scheduling appointments, checking clients in and out, and folding laundry so that you can focus on what you do best, massage!
- Each massage appointment includes a 30 minute buffer so there is no need to rush with clients.
- All New Leaf employees are encouraged to take one hyperbaric "dive" per week, a $100 value, provided there are openings in the schedule that do not interrupt regular clients.

Hyperbarics and Wellness
- We encourage all staff members to be knowledgable about mild pressure hyperbaric therapy.
- From reducing inflammation and cutting down healing time after surgeries to benefitting people with Autism or TBIs, hyperbaric therapy has a lot to offer and not many people are aware of all the good a little extra oxygen can do for them! As New Leaf LMPs we do not do a hard sell on any services but we do focus on a team effort in cross promoting hyperbaric therapy, our chiropractor in Lacey, and our fellow LMPs when their style or modalities may be a good fit for the client’s needs.


Interested LMPs please email your resume with cover letter to for consideration.