Cupping for Practitioners Workshop


In this two-day class you will learn the ancient healing art of Cupping and how it could be integrated into your massage therapy sessions to enhance the treatment outcomes and services provided to your clients.

We will learn and practice:

• Three different cupping techniques using four different types of cups
• History of cupping and different forms of cupping
• Benefits of cupping for the clients and the massage practitioner
• Contraindications, what to expect from a cupping session and informed consent for clients
• Self-care suggestions for clients after the cupping session and care of cupping equipment
• Marketing materials and promotions of cupping
• Cupping- a different way to perform modalities as MLD, MFR, XFF, DT, scar tissue massage
• Cupping for the treatment of chronic pain and injuries - sinus headaches, headaches and migraines, constipation, fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle spasms, tendinitis, sprains, strains, detoxification
• Applications of cosmetic cupping- cellulite, facelift, spider veins, stretch marks


Christian Curtis graduated from Bellevue Massage School in 2008, where he now serves as a clinical supervisor and instructor. He graduated from Bastyr University's Acupuncture program in 2013, where he also studied Chinese massage as part of his MSA coursework in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. His medical education included extensive academic study and clinical training in both Eastern and Western medical sciences, with an emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Christian studied acupuncture in Shanghai, China, where he treated 100 patients each week.

Kate Bryant graduated from Bellevue Massage School in 2005, where she also taught treatment massage for 7 years and was a student clinic supervisor. Her passion is treatment massage and she specializes in Medical Massage, Pregnancy, Labor and Post-partum massage, Oncology massage, Reiki, Jin Shin TARA. Kate is also a Certified Lypossage Therapist, an Infant Massage Educator and a Birth Doula. She has worked in multiple chiropractic offices since 2005 and currently owns her chiropractic and massage clinic in Bellevue, WA.

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