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Our classes are taught by the industry’s best instructors who are proven experts in their field, masters in their class topics, and have taught for many years. More than teachers, our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that typically have 15 or more years of real-world experience. They leave our graduates feeling well-prepared and ready to work in many diverse areas. Ours instructors inspire you to reach your full potential.

Image of Kim Kreidel-Reimer, LMT, CET MA00008635?w=240&h=240

Kim Kreidel-Reimer, LMT, CET MA00008635

Massage Instructor & Student Clinic Supervisor

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Image of Kyle E. Clemens, LMT, CKTP MA00015312?w=240&h=240

Kyle E. Clemens, LMT, CKTP MA00015312

Director, Massage, Kinesiology & Specialty Instructor

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Image of Christian Curtis, LMT MA#60144397?w=240&h=240

Christian Curtis, LMT MA#60144397

Kinesiology and Specialty Instructor

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Image of Teri Hallmark, LMT, MA#00011927?w=240&h=240

Teri Hallmark, LMT, MA#00011927

Massage Instructor for BMS & Bastyr University Massage Intensive

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Image of Daggie Chan, LMT MA#60363735 ?w=240&h=240

Daggie Chan, LMT MA#60363735

MTP Instructor BL

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Image of Stanley Chan, LAC, MSAOM, LMT MA#00014480?w=240&h=240

Stanley Chan, LAC, MSAOM, LMT MA#00014480

Anatomy & Physiology Instructor (Bilingual Program)

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Image of Frank Aversano, ND NT#00000989?w=240&h=240

Frank Aversano, ND NT#00000989

Anatomy and Physiology Program Director

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