Kinecting The Dots - A Kinesiology Course

Kyle E. Clemens, LMT MA00015312


Saturday December 11th, 2021

10am-7pm (CE = 8 hours)

Kinecting The Dots: A Kinesiology Course, presents topics and materials current to our modern society from a Kinesiology point of view. Classes will include relevant anatomy and kinesiology review and practical application of massage and manual therapies.  Clothing worn should be comfortable and functional to give and receive light bodywork. 

  • Topic 1: Kinesiology Review
    • Refreshing our knowledge about the agonist/antagonist relationship with muscles, planes & axis' of movement, muscle origins/insertions, fascia and movement function, etc..
  • Topic 2: Tech Neck Mechanism
    • Reviewing the neck and shoulder complex and postural breakdown that occurs as a result of repetitively using today's technology, in particular our smart phones, tablets, computers and laptops.
  • Topic 3: Sit-Drive Mechanism
    • Focusing on postural functions and breakdowns that occur as a result of sitting as much as we do in modern society and looking more closely at the repetitive stresses the body endures as we drive.
  • Topic 4: Active-Modern Lifestyle Mechanism
    • Breaking down Repetitive strain mechanisms, "weekend warrior syndrome", exercise and fatigue, chronic inflammation and injury response, as well as, how we can help.


$150.00 = 8 CE's

payable by cash, check or online via Venmo/PayPay (appliedwellness4u on either app) 


To sign up please call Kyle @ 206.271.2187 or email at

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