Massage Student Clinic ends May 10th. 

  The cost of our Student Clinic Massage or Reflexology appointment is just $49.00 ($50.00 if you pay with CC).  

A $5 discount is available for Military personnel and Seniors (55+yo).

  • Effective September 1, 2021 there is a $1 Credit/Debit Card transaction fee for Student Clinics 
  • We can no longer accept bills larger than $50.00 unless you are paying for two or more appointments

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Zero Tolerance Policy 

For the safety of our staff, students, and clients, as well as, for the integrity of the Massage Profession, Bellevue Massage School employs a Zero Tolerance Policy. 

This is both an educational and professional setting. Appropriate behavior and language are expected at all times. As students are learning to be massage professionals they are expected to act and speak professionally.  Clients are expected to be polite, courteous, and respectful to our students and staff.  

Inappropriate behavior may include but is not limited to foul, disrespectful, racist, hateful, or sexually suggestive language or speech.  Any touch that is suggestive, misleading, or sexual in any way could be considered assault and will not be tolerated.  Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Violators are subject to disciplinary action. 

Please notify a supervisor or school administrator to report any violators of the Zero Tolerance Policy.  

Thank you for your consideration, cooperation, and support.  And thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.

PPE protocols are still in place.  There will be a pre-screening with questionnaire and no-touch temperature checks for all staff, students and clients.  Be cautious and stay home if you are feeling symptomatic of a cold or flu in any way.  


Due to Covid-19, Bellevue Massage School has taken measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and staff by requiring all guests and staff to follow newly identified safety standards. The policies, guidelines & procedures listed below will be updated as we move from Phase Two to Phase Three. 

ONLY guests with appointments or retail guests will be allowed into the school. No accompanying persons will be allowed into the facility at this time.

Temperature Taking – Upon arrival, your temperature will be taken. Above 100.4 F temperature will not be granted access and the individual’s services will be cancelled at no charge.

Masks – In compliance with King County regulations, all guests & employees are required to wear masks while in the school.

Check-In Procedures – PLEASE ARRIVE A FEW MINUTES EARLY – The check-in process will take approximately 2-4 minutes to allow for temperature check, and completion of a BMS Covid-19 waiver. Later arrivals may not get full treatment time.

Text/Cell Appointment Alert – Although the school is typically a cell-free space, should you choose to wait outside we can use your cell phone number to alert you when your therapist is ready for you.

CANCELLATIONS / Feeling unwell? – If you have a fever or are experiencing symptoms of the flu or Covid19 (fever, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, loss of smell or taste), have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks, please cancel your appointment prior to arrival.

Cleaning Procedures – BMS employees will take added measures to disinfect all frequently used areas, work stations and treatment rooms. We ask all guests to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and to use the sanitizer stations throughout the facility.

Water –  We encourage all guests to bring a water bottle from home to keep hydrated during this time. 

Personal Touch – BMS student clinics are a place to experience and feel healing through touch. During this time, we will minimize personal touches to treatments only. Please pardon us if we do not shake hands or offer hugs.

Not familiar with new guidelines? No problem, we are happy to help!

As a Covd-19 respectful business, however, if you deliberately and actively refuse to comply with these guidelines, you will respectfully be asked to leave, and your appointment will be charged for the full amount.

Visiting the Bellevue Massage School Student Clinic

Bellevue Massage School integrates a Student Massage Clinic as part of our core curriculum. This helps the students to master their massage and esthetics skills, as well as, better prepare them to enter the workplace ready to hit the ground running. Student massage clinic is an integral part of the students’ experience at Bellevue Massage School.

The Bellevue Massage School Student Massage and Esthetics Clinics operates like real world spa and clinic. We schedule appointments with the general public, giving our students the hands-on experience they need to graduate feeling like professions. 

Throughout the years, our clients in the local community have grown to love our Student Clinic, our staff and our students because we do operate as loving, caring professionals. 

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Student Clinic Rates (add $1 if paying with debit/credit)

60 Minutes Student Massage$49.00 
60 Minute Student Facial or Back Facial$45.00
60 Minute Reflexology Session$49.00

  • Student Clinic Hours

Massage Student Clinic: 

  • Tuesday and Thursday Evenings:
    •  3/22/22 - 5/10/22
    • 5:45pm, 7:10pm & 8:55pm
  • Monday and Wednesday Mornings:
    • 3/23/22 - 5/9/22
    • 8:15am, 9:40am & 11:25am

Reflexology Student Clinic Session: 

  • Next session begins in July 2022.  Look out for the emailer letting you know when to book online.

Bilingual Student Massage Clinic:  TBD

Esthetician Student Clinic:  TBD

*appointment times will vary depending on the class size and orientation (morning or evening)

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What to Expect

  • Your appointment will be confirmed the day before your session.
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • We will maintain your privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • You may receive a massage from one student up to four times.
  • If a student needs to cancel your appointment, you will be given a 24-hour notice and put at the top of the waiting list. If a student has a last-minute emergency, your next massage will be free of charge.
  • Our equipment and supplies will be clean and safe.
  • We will respect personal and professional boundaries at all times.
  • You will be draped with a sheet or towel at all times during your massage, with only the parts of the body being worked on exposed at any time. Your modesty will be respected at all times.

Thank you for considering Student Massage Clinic at Bellevue Massage School. We hope your massage is an enjoyable experience and a step to better health!

From our Alumni

From our Alumni

The teachers at BMS are caring and knowledgeable, and the small class sizes mean a lot of 1-on-1 attention!

- Jeff, 2017 Graduate

The best school I have ever been to, and locally owned. Awesome teachers and staff, our group had a lot of fun! They helped me find me a job immediately with an awesome spa, and have answered any questions I had post graduation. If you are looking for a new career as a massage therapist I highly recommend Bellevue Massage School.

- Tyler, 2017 Graduate